Zoo Tycoon For All Age Range

Mostly of the video games designed for the Xbox One at launch was Zoo Tycoon. I downloaded the demo and yes it sat on my console for over a week before I made a decision to play it while I was home alone with my 2 and 3 olds to find out if they want it. They liked it from the time I turned it on because of the excellent graphics and number of animals and animal interaction.

This video game on the Xbox One is not like your typical 'sim' or 'tycoon' games, it's not even really enjoy the Zoo Tycoon for PC because you have a chance to walk around as if you were an individual in the zoo. (You will have the option by pressing Y to zoom up over the zoo so it's a lot more like the normal Tycoon games if you need.) A lot of the responsibilities in the game involve make sure the animals are pleased, fed, and clean. During the entire game you face challenges related to these and a few others.

When you first begin the overall game, there are a variety of tutorials which show you the best way to play the video game and what your responsibilities are in the game. There are plenty of things I like concerning the game and a few things I don't. Over all an excellent video game for youngsters to view you play because it is so interactive with a few of the animals, fairly simple to determine for a short time older kids, and also some challenges to help keep my wife playing and enjoying the game herself.

The kids loved being able to walk up to a giraffe or elephant and get a piece or fruit and feed the animals from your ‘hand’. You may also play with the monkey’s and they copy that which you do. You should use the Kinect here to utilize face or hand and arms and the monkeys will copy your movements. You may name everything in the Zoo from each animal to the Zoo itself. It requires money, which the better you zoo the more you make, however, you can adopt and sell animals at any time. We attempted putting a lion in three giraffes however the game wouldn’t allow us to, too bad, wouldn’t have been awesome to find out what would happen, haha.

The Good:
Free roaming in the zoo’s. Numerous ways to connect to a variety of wildlife. Character able to drive vehicle around zoo (which has been type of entertainment drifting around corners in themed golf carts)
Simple for kids to assume the game play and goals out. A variety of animals.  Use of Kinect that proved helpful most of the time. You might have other friends with an Xbox One copy of the video game and they also can take care of your animals for you. Few different game modes, like free play in which you have just as much money as you wish to build

The Bad: Hanging out and looking forward to ‘research’ to be done so you can open a lot more animals. Being unable to style the zoo how you need to with the sidewalks, you simply place the new exhibit and the paths/sidewalks are created for you, takes a few of the fun away. Menus felt a bit limited. Inadequate content/challenges for longtime serious sim fans.



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