Invasion of Base Boom Beach

I was looking on the app store for a good tower defense game. I've played Boom Beach, but this game by far held my attention the longest. Even though it is a free app, you WILL spend money to futher your castle. After three weeks, I took a step back, and saw what the game had caused me to do. I had spent over $40, and was playing the game at least five hours a day. Even though it is a fun game, at higher levels, to continue build structures, and not have to wait a day and a half, you will use rubbies, to speed up the process, and rubbies cost money. I took a drastic measure, and deleted the app off my kindle. If you're going to play this game, just be smart.

Boom Beach is a medieval strategy game set in the great war strategy game where you can build up your troops, capture outposts, and more. There are mighty alliances made by real players and some even have their own economic infrastructure. There are also three other kingdoms: Everwinter Glacier, Burning Plains, and Fire Peaks. All in all, this game is great. But there are some issues. For example, rubies (the premium currency) are all too easy to buy. Rubies can be used to buy premium units, outside your castle with most vendors who sell strong units, and to open treasure chests. The buildings, as you get higher in level, also take longer to build and upgrade. Want to upgrade your keep? Nine hours. Of course, if you want to complete it right away, there's always rubies. Make some swordsmen? One hour. There are also features like attack protection and handing over your resources without a fight that cost nothing other than rubies. In short, this is a cash grab behind an extremely fun game.

Boom Beach is fun but is very expensive to play i do not recommend this game too any one wanting to play when ordering game rubies the game likes to reboot there for loosing your porches of rubies the game makers do not respond to your request for help up dates our frustrating as well. Also the price of the rubies for what you get is not worth the money you have to pay to upgrade to higher level can take over 24 hours to get to a higher level unless you buy rubies from the game makers very frustrating do not waste your time or money playing this game.



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